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Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä – Image photo session Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä – Image photo session
Interior photography - Keski Suomi Interior photography - Keski Suomi
Family Photography - Perhekuvaus Jyväskylä Family Photography - Perhekuvaus Jyväskylä
Nainen valokuvaus - Women portraits in Jyvaskyla Nainen valokuvaus - Women portraits in Jyvaskyla

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Drone Photo & VideographyAerial, 360 Panoramas and Video in 4K quality

Drone photography Jyväskylä & Drone videography Suomi

Drone photography, drone videography, drone panoramas 360 are quickly becoming a must-have for businesses looking to promote their products and services. These cutting-edge technologies offer a range of advantages that can help businesses stand out from the competition and capture the attention of potential customers. Professional services are now available in Central Finland: Drone Photography Jyväskylä & Drone Videography Keski Suomi & Aerial 360 Panoramas in Finland.

One of the biggest advantages of drone photography and drone videography is the ability to capture stunning aerial views. Drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras that can take breathtaking photos and videos from up to 120 meters in the air. This allows businesses to showcase their properties, such as real estate listings, construction sites, and event venues, in a way that traditional ground-based photography simply can’t match.

Another advantage of drone photography and drone videography is the ability to capture unique perspectives, giving businesses the ability to capture angles and views that would be impossible with traditional photography methods. This can help businesses showcase their products and services in a way that is both visually striking and highly informative.

I am a licensed operator and drone pilot in the open category A1/A3 by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, which allows me to fly drones and perform photos, videography and 360 aerial panoramas. My portfolio of Drone Aerial Photography is here on my website. On my YouTube channel – Musta Mäki Media there is my Aerial Drone Videography. My portfolio of Aerial Drone Panoramas 360 is here on my website.

About me

Valokuvaus Jyväskylä – Klaudia Cieplinska, Keski Suomi, Finland

Do you need professional photos? Welcome! I am here for You 🙂 Klaudia Cieplinska – Valokuvaus Jyväskylä!

Tarvitsetko ammattimaisia kuvia? Tervetuloa! Olen täällä sinua varten 🙂 Nimeni on Klaudia ja olen valokuvaaja Jyväskylässä. Heinäkuussa 2022 muutin Puolasta Suomeen. Asun Jyväskylässä. Kutsun kaikki hyvistä ja ammattimaisista kuvista kiinnostuneet kaupallisiin ja yksityisiin istuntoihin. Tarjoukseni sisältää yrityssessiot, muotokuvat, sisustussessiot, valokuvat sosiaalisessa mediassa, hääkuvat, perhe- ja satunnaiset istunnot, drone-kuvat 4K-laadulla, drone-video 4K-laadulla, 360-panoraama dronista. Opiskelen suomea, mutta toistaiseksi puhun vain vähän suomea. Kommunikoimme englanniksi! Ota yhteyttä minuun! Ammattilais valokuvaaja Jyväskylä – Klaudia Cieplinska

Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä
Call or write to me (Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä, Keski Suomi): +358 40 719 9934 or contact form, facebook, instagram

I specialize in business photography and image sessions aimed, among others, at:

  • CEO’s
  • managers and executives
  • leaders, specialists and experts
  • middle management
  • private persons
  • professionals in various fields
  • artists, freelancers and actors as well as people of theater and film
  • business owners
  • every person for whom a good image in business matters.

Professional portrait photography, business photo shoots as well as interior photo shooting – Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä

I offer individual or group portrait sessions, photo sessions in the studio, at the company’s headquarters or outdoors, corporate photos for company employees intended for internal communication.

In addition to portrait photos, I also propose situational sessions in the client’s company, pictures from the company’s life that are very good material for the company’s website and news in social media or an interesting supplement to the printed advertising materials of a given company.

I offer :

  • private, commercial and business photography: business, advertising, headshots, commercial, product, interior, culinary, lifestyle, family, child, animals, man, women, portrait, wedding, occasional and event photography.
  • photography courses/training for groups and individuals ( in English ).
  • postprocessing and retouching of the photo and video.
  • drone/aerial photography, videography and 360 panoramas.

I am a licensed operator and drone pilot in the open category A1/A3 by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, which allows me to fly drones and perform photo and videography and 360 aerial panoramas.

I am available for my clients all over Finland. Near my place of residence, which is Jyväskylä ( Keski Suomi – Central Finland ), I am available to customers in areas of Kuopio, Tampere, Lahti, Helsinki, Mikkeli, Keuruu, Hämeenlinna, Kouvola.

Call or write to me (Valokuvaus Jyväskylä, Keski Suomi): +358 40 719 9934 or contact form, facebook, instagram

Photography – Jyväskylä / Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä / Valokuvaus Jyväskylä. Photography in Finland’s Regions: Keski Suomi, Uusimaa, Pohjois-Savo, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Pirkanmaa, Päijät-Häme, Etelä-Savo and Professional Photoshoots in finnish cities: Jyväskylä, Äänekoski, Jämsä, Keuruu, Seinäjoki, Saarijärvi, Kuopio, Varkaus, Tampere, Nokia, Ylöjärvi, Kangasala, Valkeakoski, Lahti, Heinola, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Hyvinkää, Lohja, Järvenpää, Kerava, Porvoo, Raseborg, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Pieksämäki, Hämeenlinna, Kouvola and many other.

Interior and facility photography, product photo shoot or advertising photos is an offer addressed to people and companies that are aware that a professional photo on a website, in social media, in a folder or on a leaflet is particularly important to attract customers and promote a brand, company, service or product. Good photos taken during sessions of interiors, facilities, hotels and restaurants as well as professional photos of culinary dishes from the menu or drinks from the offer are the perfect showcase for these places.

My photos gained recognition, among others, here:

Ammattitaitoinen Yrityskuvaus Jyväskylä

Publication in the American VERVE magazine (FEB 2021, VOL3). SENSATION with HELVETHET. The magazine can be ordered in print and online:

Photography in Jyväskylä

My photos from the very modern glamor project THE POWER OF THE BRIDE, to which I was invited by the wedding consultant MISS WEDDINGTON, can be seen on the wedding website: SLUBzWedding.PL

Ammattitaitoinen Yrityskuvaus Jyväskylä

My photos from the wedding reportage of Aldona and Dmitri gained recognition from Zankyou portal ( one of the most known polish wedding website ) and can still be viewed on this website: Zankyou.

The photos from the project from Karpniki Castle were appreciated by the Wesele Magazine ( one of the biggest polish printed wedding magazine ) and were placed on the main page of magazine “WESELE”.

Ammattitaitoinen Yrityskuvaus Jyväskylä

On the Bridelle wedding website ( the most known polish wedding portal ) you can also see photos from Magic Wedding Photo Shoot in Castle Karpniki in Poland.

Ammattitaitoinen Yrityskuvaus Jyväskylä

Another wedding project, “Wedding in the City”, by my co-authorship, found its way to the pages of the polish wedding portal SLUBzWedding.PL

In TIMM magazine ( polish printed magazine ) you can find my culinary photos taken for “Na Jagody” Cafe in Karpacz city.

TIMM magazine ( polish printed magazine ) includes photos that I took during the BOSSKIE conference in Świeradów-Zdrój city ( Klaudia Cieplinska – event photographer in Jyväskylä )

Advertising photos also include fashion photography and lookbook photos for catalogs, websites, social media and printed promotional materials.

Apart from formal sessions, I also take photos for private use. Sensual female photography is especially close to me, i.e. my Exclusive Very Feminine Boudoir Session. My clients also like female sessions outdoors or female portrait sessions in the studio.

Professional family and women’s photography, sensual women and portrait photos as well as occasional sessions

As a professional photographer, I also deal with family photos and occasional photography during family celebrations such as confirmation, baptisms, communions, or birthday gatherings.

People, who are interested in wedding photography, I encourage you to visit my website devoted entirely to wedding reportages, engagement sessions and photos during wedding locations: Wedding Ceremony Photography ( only in polish ).

Contact me via the contact form on this website, facebook or by phone the number: +358 40 719 9934.

Do not hesitate, call me or write to me! See You soon, Klaudia Cieplinska ( Photographer in Jyväskylä / Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä / Valokuvaus Jyväskylä )

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