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Image photo session – building Your own brand! Klaudia Cieplinska Photography – Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä – Yrityskuvaus Keski-Suomi

An image photo session is one of the steps in building your own strong brand, it can be a personal brand, it can be a company’s brand. It is a product aimed primarily at coaches, lawyers, cosmetologists, consultants, designers, doctors, stylists, marketers, architects, actors, politicians, nutritionists, business owners, managers and all people who promote the created brand with their person, be it personal or business. I work with one person in this session. I can take portrait / image photos ( Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä ) in the studio, in the company’s space or outdoors, situational photos from the company’s life. The choice of the type of photos depends on the client. We arrange all the details before the photo session.

Tarvitsetko ammattimaisia kuvia? Tervetuloa! Olen täällä sinua varten 🙂 Nimeni on Klaudia ja olen valokuvaaja Jyväskylässä. Heinäkuussa 2022 muutin Puolasta Suomeen. Asun Jyväskylässä. Kutsun kaikki hyvistä ja ammattimaisista kuvista kiinnostuneet kaupallisiin ja yksityisiin istuntoihin. Tarjoukseni sisältää yrityssessiot, muotokuvat, sisustussessiot, valokuvat sosiaalisessa mediassa, hääkuvat, perhe- ja satunnaiset istunnot, drone-kuvat 4K-laadulla, drone-video 4K-laadulla, 360-panoraama dronista. Opiskelen suomea, mutta toistaiseksi puhun vain vähän suomea. Kommunikoimme englanniksi! Ota yhteyttä minuun! Ammattilais valokuvaaja Jyväskylä – Klaudia Cieplinska

Why take branding photos? Thanks to a professional image session and cooperation with a photographer who has knowledge in the field of marketing, branding and advertising campaigns, you have the opportunity to plan your brand building in a transparent and consistent manner. Professional photos can be used on many levels in which the company operates: website, communication outside and inside the business, social media, advertising materials in electronic and printed version, articles in portals and printed magazines and many others depending on needs. When they see us, they write us!

As a standard, the price of the photo shoot includes:

  • professionally made photos selected by the client in an electronic version, available for download via the ftp server
  • photos without my logo (with the client’s logo on request) in maximum resolution and FullHD resolution (for online use)
  • consultations before the session and during the session – setting the details of the photos, specific frames, message and purpose of the photos and how to prepare for the photo session: make-up of people participating in the session, styling, possibly appropriate interior and accessories preparation
  • appropriate time of session duration
  • possibility to buy additional photos from the photo shoot
  • graphic processing of photos in terms of appropriate brightness, color, contrast, cropping, etc.
  • appropriate retouching
  • taking pictures with the use of professional equipment and techniques used for branding / advertising / headshot photography.

In this article, Headshot photos, you can read about what a “headshot” session is, what photos from such a session can be used for and what such a session with me looks like.

Professional photo shot in Jyväskylä, business photography in Central Finland, photo sessions for companies and individuals – Keski Suomi ( Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä ). Headshots for companies, photography of interiors and facilities Jyväskylä, Jämsä, Keuruu, Seinäjoki, Saarijärvi, Kuopio, Varkaus, Tampere, Nokia, Ylöjärvi, Kangasala, Valkeakoski, Lahti, Heinola, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Hyvinkää, Lohja, Järvenpää, Kerava, Porvoo, Raseborg, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Pieksämäki, Hämeenlinna, Kouvola…
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Below I will present some examples of people / companies / personal brands with whom I had the pleasure to cooperate and take photos of the image. Under this link REALIZATIONS you can see how many companies have trusted me and by visiting the websites of these companies, their social media channels, you can see that they use my photos in their advertising campaigns and marketing materials.

I can also show some of the positive opinions in the google, including:

“Working with Klaudia (Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä) is pure pleasure and, what is important, joy of the end result. Before the session, I was given precise instructions on how to prepare. She was interested in what I was doing and what I care about. The meeting was held in a very good atmosphere, no rush, no impatience. Klaudia took care of every detail. I recommend!”

Barbara Rymaszewska / Trainer, Coach, Moderator Design Thinking

“I highly recommend Klaudia to professionally carry out various photo sessions. During the several years of our cooperation, I had the pleasure to carry out both business and private and family sessions. We have met many times and I am convinced that despite the change of Klaudia’s main workplace from the Jelenia Góra Valley to Silesia – we will still be in touch and we will still be able to implement ambitious projects despite the kilometers separating us.
In Klaudia’s work, I especially value the initiative and meeting expectations. Klaudia is an excellent director and photographer, creatively developing and enriching the original concepts of commissioned projects. It brings out the best from product photos, places and people. At the same time, recognition is given by the high level of the photographic workshop.
If you need a few good photos during one session, or you want to implement a large multi-day project – you will meet with a professional and cordial approach, punctuality and fair valuation of your work. I heartily recommend “

Jakub Kunkiewicz / Doctor, specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, owner of FemiCentrum

“I don’t like photo sessions, especially those relating to the company, i.e. a team of a dozen or so people. Why? A lot of preparation, the need to find a day or two and a lot of unknowns, e.g. whether nobody gets sick, whether everyone will sleep, what moods they will be in, whether they will smile, whether the make-up artist will not run out of a suitable foundation at the last minute. Basically it can be summed up in one word – madness. However, I am calm with Klaudia, she will always come up with something, she will cope with any challenge, she will find a way out of even quite unusual situations. I admire her ingenuity and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. The atmosphere it creates is also extremely important – on the one hand stimulating and on the other relaxing. Of course, technically it is not only pure pleasure, but also full professionalism. I recommend working with Klaudia to all those for whom a company photo session is a challenge, and at the same time they care about a great end result. “

Szymon Matuszewski / The owner of the Supradent Matuszewscy clinic, MD dentistry

“Our cooperation with Mrs. Klaudia began very pleasantly, and we are sure that it will continue in an equally pleasant atmosphere for a long time. The photos taken by Mrs. Klaudia are great, we are very pleased with them and we are happy to use them. The atmosphere during the photo session taking place in our Hotel was very cordial and professional in every way. We highly recommend and we will definitely use your services ourselves. Thank you and see you! “

Monika Czechowska / Manager of the Buczyński Medical & Spa Hotel

“An amazing sense of beauty and attention to detail locked in one frame … that’s what I expect from a good photographer. From Klaudia, we get something more – professional customer service from the very meeting to the transfer of the material. That is why I am so eager to cooperate with her and recommend it not only to my clients but also to you. ”

Magdalena Krzysztoń / Miss Weddington – certified wedding consultant

People interested in taking professional photos for making your own brand ( Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Tampere, Lahti, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Mikkeli, Hämeenlinna, Kouvola and surroundings), business or private photos are encouraged to familiarize yourself with my offer – Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä, where you can find details of photo sessions:

Image session in the studio for Barbara Rymaszewska, who writes about herself: By nature, a forest soul, associated with the forest throughout her life. She wants people to use the forest in a sustainable way, which is why it is close to education and tourism development. She also loves contact with people, which is why she is a coach in ICF standards, a business and soft skills trainer. Working with a group, she brings out the potential that allows the discovery of completely new ideas and solutions for the company. If you want to make positive changes in your private or professional life, feel free to contact Basia. During each image session, it is important to determine the message of the photos. During this session, my task was to present Basia as a positive, energetic professional open to contacts with people. The photos were supposed to be optimistic and colorful, so that they matched the concept of her website.

Image photography for Klaudia Matlak was to promote her brand Kosmetolog Zwiedza. Before a session, I always talk to my clients about how to prepare for the session. We agree on details such as makeup, hairstyle, styling and accessories.

OWO Adwokaci is a young and very dynamic team of lawyers for whom the image and image of the company is a very important issue. Therefore, they decided to take studio portraits with me on a black background with a fairly high contrast. The characteristics of this type of photos in a few words are prestige, luxury, elegance and professionalism, especially in the legal industry and among CEOs.

FemiCentrum is a professional cosmetology and cosmetics studio, a beauty studio, an aesthetic medicine clinic, a real SPA for women. My cooperation with them began with headshots of the owners and doctors: Magdalena and Jakub Kunkiewicz.

I made an interior session for them and many business and advertising photos, photos showing the offered treatments and services, photos during work and from the life of the company. Yritysvalokuvaus – ammattimainen yritysvalokuvaus. Tervetuloa!

I was also invited to make portraits of FemiCentrum employees. It was a great cooperation, the effects of which can be seen on their website, on FemiCentrum channels in social media as well as on leaflets and advertising brochures.

Magdalena Krzysztoń – Miss Weddington is my next client with whom I have met many times during image sessions. Everyone who comes to me is aware that the image is very important in the process of building the brand and acquiring the right customers, and the quality of the photos taken is also of great importance. I encourage you to look at the Miss Weddington website, where you can see photos taken by me during our many years of cooperation.

Image photos for politicians. They can come in handy during the election campaign. They were visible not only on leaflets, banners, websites as well as on billboards and in social media. The mayor needed good photos for the printed press, because the journalists who interviewed them were not able to take a photo for him that would have a positive effect, and as you know, it is important for the reception of a given person. That is why it is worth using the help of a professional photographer.

In this article, I presented only some of my image sessions for my clients. My portfolio of IMAGE PHOTOS (portraits, headshots in the studio, outdoors, in the client’s space) can be viewed in this gallery. If you are interested in business photography, I encourage you to read the article devoted only to this product on the example of a photo session for the Dental Clinic – Supradent Matuszewscy at this link. And also to see my portfolio of BUSINESS PHOTOS.

Call or write to me (Valokuvaaja Jyväskylä, Keski Suomi): +358 40 7199934 or contact form, facebook, instagram

People interested in taking professional business, image or private photos, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my offer, where you can find details of photo sessions: