Standard Retouching

I am a professional photographer and retoucher and I know from the first hand about photographers’ needs and goals. I would like to help you with post processing! If you do not have time for post process, if you do not have necessary skills to do it, if you don’t have special programs to do that – I am here to help your photos to stand out!

Below you will find some examples of my work with the photos. It is my second middle package of Professional Retouching – STANDARD RETOUCHING, which includes: everything from package PHOTO ENHANCING: Exposure/Light/Contrasts/Adjusting, Color Enhancing/Correction, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Lens Distorions Corrections, Cropping and re-sizing, Adding Vignette and more:

  • Standard Skin Retouching – Acne/Blemishes/Permanent Scars Eliminating,
  • Standard Skin smoothing and softening – Even skin tone and smooth wrinkles,
  • Body slimming, resizing – if needed (liquify),
  • Basic Background Cleaning,
  • Basic Background Overlays/Effects,
  • Whitening teeth and Red Eyes Removal,
  • Stray Hair Wiping Out from face.

This STANDARD RETOUCHING Package costs 8EUR for 1 PHOTO ( minimum 3 photos in package ). More about my packages is HERE

It is the best for natural portraits: Head Shots, Family Shot with closeups, CEO portraits, Wedding with closeups, Sensual and Boudoir Photography and many more when retouching is needed. STANDARD RETOUCHING PACKAGE does not include background Replacement and PRO RETOCHING for beauty shots.

The price of cutting subject from the background starts from 10EUR and depends on complexity of the photo and background. If you have questions feel free to write to me via CONTACT FORM or my facebook account.

Fotografia rodzinna Bytom

Fotografia rodzinna BytomFotografia rodzinna Bytom

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